WXAudio Nani Plugin v1.1.0 VST3 [WIN]

WXAudio Nani Plugin v1.1.0 VST3 [WIN] 1

WXAudio Nani Plugin v1.1.0 VST3 [WIN]

Nani Plugin is new distortion plugin, as funny as it may look, it actually does a great job.


Five unique algorithms ranging from gentle saturation to incredibly destructive distortion.

Precise filtering, tone control, and signal blending to achieve infinite possibilities


Plugin only supports 64-Bit Windows currently.

What`s new:

  • Added a new settings menu, and moved the react button to the settings menu.
  • Instead of adding more undescriptive buttons, we moved the different animation modes to a settings menu, which will also better detail what each mode does.​
  • Added a new BPM based jiggle mode
  • The bpm mode will activate when your DAW is playing, otherwise, the plugin will temporarily switch to the default mode.
  • Added an information mode.
  • One of the NANI’s short comings was not being able to see parameter information. Now with the information mode turned on, when you adjust a knob, a parameter value will display above the knob.
  • The tentacles now changer color with the colour knob! This required a large redesign but should now make the tentacles stand out less when switching colors. ​
  • ​Slightly redesigned the trial menu, and added a purchase button to bring the user straight to the site.
  • Embedded the proper fonts for the trial menu. This will fix any issue of text not loading due to the user not having NANI’s default text installed.
  • ​​Fixed the automation parameter names from “High Pass” and “Low Pass” to “Low Cut and “High cut” to better fit the slider labels.