Vintage Soul II – Classic Hip Hop Records WAV MIDI

Vintage Soul II - Classic Hip Hop Records WAV MIDI

Vintage Soul II – Classic Hip Hop Records WAV MIDI
Size 979 Mb

Origin Sound proudly presents Vintage Soul II, a great addition to our constantly evolving and growing catalogue of libraries that are focussed on a vintage aesthetic whilst incorporating modern production techniques.

Much like its predecessor you can expect to find a wealth of dusty drums, analogue bass loops, thick melody stacks, and much more.

Following on from libraries such as Crate Digging and Vinyl Era, Vintage Soul II has a plethora of musical stack loops which have become an essential element for many Origin Sound libraries.

The ability to utilise a multi-layered musical loop with a high production standard has proved to be popular amongst producers from sample-driven genres such as hip hop.

Expect to come across glistening rhodes melodies, rolling bass lines, smooth guitar licks, and much much more.

All the musical stacks are split up into their respective bass, chord, melody stems for those who wish to grab a particular line to write around, as well as a selection of musical one-shots that are ready to be thrown into a sampler and adapted into your own melodies.

To accompany the musical elements Vintage Soul II exhibits an extensive collection of 120 individual drum hits, as well as 30 drum loops across various bpms and split up into individual stems for vast creative opportunities whilst maintaining a smooth work flow.

All drums provided possess characteristics typical of a vintage sonic aesthetic, such as dusty kicks and crunchy snares.

What will really help your productions stand out from the rest are the detailed SFX on offer, as well as an array of movie dialogue clips to help add a supporting narrative to you music.

Within the SFX you can find elements such as warped drum breaks, ideal for adding flare to the end of a 16 bar phrase, as well as sync’d vinyl swells, useful for subtly adding texture in the back of the mix, and much much more.

Vintage Soul II is a vast pack that does not sacrifice quality for the a sake of quantity, every sample has been meticulously processed to ensure that it is in keeping with the Vintage aesthetic Origin Sound is striving to push further within contemporary music production.

Whats in the pack?

• 120 Crunchy drum hits
• 30 Vibey drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)
• 30 Bonus percussion loops
• 20 Analogue bass loops (including Midi files)
• 24 Lush chord loops (including Midi files)
• 50 Emotive melody loops (including Midi files)
• 60 Thick musical stacks
• 55 Versatile SFX
• 50 Vintage dialogue vocals
• 120 Detailed musical one shots


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