UVI Plate v1.0.0 WIN

UVI Plate v1.0.0 WIN

UVI Plate v1.0.0 WIN
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Explore the deep and rich sound of plate reverb like never before with UVI Plate, an advanced physically-modeled reverb. Plate employs realtime physical-modeling with up to 20,000 modes to achieve new levels of depth and detail, going well beyond the limitation of physical units. Take complete control over your plate’s material and dampening properties and explore a universe of reverb sounds from classics like the EMT140 and 240, and beyond.

Our goal was not to clone a specific hardware reverb, but we wanted to replicate the sound of many hardware reverbs and allow users to experiment with their physical characteristics, even designing their own.

To reach this goal we’ve built an entire plate reverb system as a fully-parametric physical model. We approached it from the perspectives of both clinical science and musicality. Forming the models core on extensive mathematical research and then calibrating the results against detailed measurements made of an EMT140 and EMT240.
With Plate we simulate every component of the sound: dimensions, material, input/output positioning, modulation and decay sculpting while staying within the general sonic territory allowed by physics. In doing so we’re able to create a near-endless array of authentic plate reverb sound.

Classic Plate and beyond
Plate delivers a fully-parametric physical model of electro-mechanical reverb, capable of dialing in sounds of specific physical units with uncanny precision or creating wholly-new reverbs ripe with sound design potential.

Physical modeling
Extensive modeling of real-world components gives you the ability to completely control the sound of your reverb. Choose from multiple types of metal sheet, adjust the plate size, manually position inputs and outputs on the plate, introduce irregularities and tension to the metal, then shape your decay with simulations of the physical dampener, thermo-elastic loss and air radiation. Built on science, tuned by musicians, Plate gives you total control over the sound of your favorite hardware units and freedom to create your own.

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Visual Decay and EQ Editor
A beautiful graphical editor lets you interactively sculpt Plate’s decay and EQ sections. Freely adjust each elements’ frequency and contribution with complete confidence and see the results in real-time thanks to the built-in spectral analyzer. Plate’s decay and EQ sections are equipped with 3 modeled decay sections (damper, friction and air), octave-band decay, octave-band EQ, and a lowcut EQ, allowing you to create lush decays while easily taming problem frequencies, adjusting signal balance, or bringing out subtle details.

With precise modeling of many discrete components, a preamp saturation stage, predelay, parameter locks, wet/dry mix and a high-quality preset library filled with useful sounds, Plate’s been designed to provide you with a powerful and featured tool capable of achieving the characteristic sounds of classic hardware and unique sounds of your own design.

Maximum Fidelity
Plate is packed with serious sound potential. A variable ‘Quality’ control allows you to adjust Plate’s performance based on the patch design and your production needs by changing the amount of modes (think of these like voices on a synth). The default setting provides a beautiful result in most cases, while increasing the quality can simulate up to 20,000 modes for the ultimate result, but is best suited for offline rendering. To help you achieve the best quality possible Plate has been highly-optimized to make use of the latest SIMD instruction sets available (SSE, AVX, AVX2), and uses adaptive multi-threaded, multi-core rendering in order to finish the rendering in the shortest amount of time independently of the current CPU load.