Tylasno Drum Kit Vol.1 WAV

Tylasno Drum Kit Vol.1 WAV 1

Tylasno Drum Kit Vol.1
Size 362 Mb

Tylasno Drum Kit Vol.1
I made this drumkit with sounds recorded through an old microcassette recorder and my at4033 mic. I also put in some sounds from my Yamaha PRS-90 Keyboard, sp404sx, tape deck, and vinyls. All original sounds to add to your libary.

pack contents:

Over 200 files including raw unproccessed drums to mix to your own taste.

Here’s a small demo to get a feel for the kit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxgzq_ukEreGZ1J2YUJFRnZkNm8/view?usp=sharing

12 Cymbals
18 FX
18 Instruments
61 Percussion and stuff
33 PSR-90 Drums
36 RAW Drums
11 Snare
09 Vinyl Drums
28 Vinyl Vox
27 Vox

253 files in total.


Demo Preview:[adinserter block=”1″]