Tutti Vox – Cinematic Choir Kontakt Library

Tutti Vox - Cinematic Choir Library

Tutti Vox – Cinematic Choir Kontakt Library
10.1 Gb

A choir library has been on our to-do list ever since our company was in its infancy and now finally the time has come. This is not just any choir library as this project had to be approached style, being as playable and flexible as a sampled choir can be whilst sounding completely realistic.

We spent a lot of time developing the engine driving Tutti Vox and we are very proud indeed of what we have achieved; a new approach and an innovative way of working with sampled choir.

Included in the package are three different tempo-synced instruments, focused on different elements of choral performance:

The main chunk is Tutti Vox Core, a large collection of unique vocal effects that warrant the name ‘Tutti’ because they are not dissimilar to (and hugely compatible with) our orchestral FX library of the same name. Think atonal risers, falls, crescendi, decrescendi, clusters, ethereal beds and a range of very cool ‘semi-random’ soundscapes that constantly evolve. Some of our loops are over 40 seconds long! Also included in the Core patch are full choir whispers: words, vowels, consonants and shouts, the other end of the spectrum. Whatever choir effect you need, Tutti Vox Core is your tool. It should be able to inspire and make your compositions instantly more human.

Tutti Vox Lingua is our multisampled instrument, where you choose word elements to construct complex phrases. Set up the words and then let your creativity run wild, playing them across the keyboard with soprano, alto, tenor and bass sections ranges configured to your taste. Do you want different sections to sing different words simultaneously? No problem with Lingua advanced, as you can program your choir sections independent of one another in ONE instance of Kontakt.

Also included in the package is Tutti Vox Spoken, unpitched spoken words recorded for male and female voices separately.

We are very proud to introduce Tutti Vox to you and can’t wait to hear the amazing things you, our valued customer base, will produce with it.

We have established a name as one of the best value & quality sample producers and with this product we’d like to underline that statement. We stick with our unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling.


44.1kHZ – 24 Bit &
16 Bit NCW format

16BIT – 41.000+ SAMPLES

16BIT – 18,8GB Uncompressed

Instrument Patches

3 Kontakt instruments:
Tutti Vox Core:
Glissandi, Clusters, Vocal FX, Tonal & Atonal Beds

Tutti Vox Lingua:
Chants & Sustains

Tutti Vox Spoken:
Spoken words and Phrases

Sampled Instruments

48 piece Cinematic Choir:

– 12 Sopranos

– 12 Altos

– 12 Tenors

– 12 Basses



Demo Preview: