The Voice of DYSON Vol.2 WAV

The Voice of DYSON Vol.2 WAV 1

The Voice of DYSON Vol.2 WAV

Looking to add some fierce power to your pop? Look no further. Dyson Vol 2 is the follow-up pack to the popular Voice of DYSON sample pack released in 2019. DYSON is a powerhouse vocalist and multi-platinum songwriter whose credits include BTS, LoudLuxury, Astrid S, and more.

This pack showcases her flexibility as both a writer and singer. It includes ready-to-go hooks and ad-libs, all the way to vocoders and fun sound design for adding texture to your productions. This pack offers hundreds of samples to take your productions to the next level.

The sample pack contains:

· 20 Vocal Adlibs (8 Dry, 12 Wet)
· 13 Vocal Loops (5 Dry, 8 Wet)
· 11 Vocal One Shots (5 Dry, 6 Wet)
· 139 Vocal Phrases (69 Dry, 70 Wet)
· 3 Vocal Reverses
· 26 Spoken Vocals (13 Dry, 13 Wet)
· 3 Vocal Transitions
· 1 Vocal Trio
· 6 Vocoder Vocals (2 Dry, 4 Wet)