The Loop Loft Track Stacks Vol 3 WAV

The Loop Loft Track Stacks Vol 3 WAV 1

The Loop Loft Track Stacks Vol 3 WAV

With a focus on punchy, tight drums and cinematic sonic elements, Tracks Stacks Vol 3 is the most diverse release yet in this popular new series. Featuring 8 layers of rhythm and instruments in every groove, Track Stacks Vol 3 instantly puts a full drum ensemble at your fingertips.

About Track Stacks:
Each Track Stacks groove “group” consists of 8 individual drum loops, resulting in an entire ensemble of rhythmic and sonic layers. Easily drag and drop the groups into your DAW and have complete control over the mix and arrangement, allowing you to create complex, “live” drum and percussion tracks in a matter of seconds.

Groove Layout:

  • Track 1 – Dry Kit
  • Track 2 – Brushes Kit
  • Track 3 – Big Drums
  • Track 4 – Processed Kit
  • Track 5 – EFX Kit
  • Track 6 – Percussion
  • Track 7 – Percussion
  • Track 8 – Percussion

With an extensive mix of punchy dry drums, airy brushes, massive kits, experimental sounds and a vast collection of percussion elements, Track Stacks provides endless possibilities in both rhythm and sound, giving producers an incredibly inspiring library for groove creation.

Number of Loops & Samples: 224
Tempo Range: 93-130 BPM
– Instant Download
– 100% Royalty Free
– High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio


Sets included:

  • BreakStuff_118bpm
  • InTheRed_124bpm
  • OutsideIn_107bpm
  • Stomped_98bpm
  • TheWorld_130bpm
  • ThickHeaded_93bpm


Demo Preview: