Spinnin’ Sounds UK House WAV PRESETS

Spinnin' Sounds UK House

Spinnin’ Sounds UK House WAV PRESETS

Spinnin’ Records presents SPINNIN’ SOUNDS – UK House, a new sample pack complete with all of the catchy piano melodies, warm basslines and uplifting grooves needed to take your production of the legendary club genre to the next level. Expect everything from striking pianos and raw, turbulent drumsloops, to tune-twisting FX and a truly dazzling palatte of UK House synths, as this tour de force pack covers the true essence of UK House. Curated by the Spinnin’ Records, a leading tastemaker in dance music for over 20 years, SPINNIN’ SOUNDS – UK House offers you the tools and confidence to make your productions shine. See you and your tunes on the dancefloor!


  • 80 one shots
  • 123 loops
  • 19 presets


Demo Preview: