Sound Yeti Ambition v1.1 KONTAKT

Sound Yeti Ambition v1.1 KONTAKT 1

Sound Yeti Ambition v1.1 KONTAKT


Ambition sets the stage for pioneering new sympathies between sound and picture. Forging a powerful alliance between the musical scale and visual scope, Ambition imagines a new harmony between music composition and visual production.

Capture breathtaking emotion and deep intensity with awe inspiring ease. Express the sounds and textures, feel and rhythmic energy that resonates deep within. Your musical visions become creative reality, effortlessly, with Ambition.

Explore a World of Big Picture Sound

Double Focus Dexterity

The key to Ambition’s drive is dexterity – with a double dealing mixing architecture presenting two sides of equal yet distinct versatility. Elegantly separate, swap, split, merge, detach or bypass any effect or LFO from channel to channel. Complex and multidimensional, this interplay between channels produces extraordinary and expressive harmonic elements.

Masterful Modulation

Easily layer, shape (ADSR), texture and tune, mold and mix your sounds into a masterful performance without ever breaking a sweat. Discover your own big picture sound with responsive LFOs, EQ, compression, distortion, Lo-Fi, saturation, chorus, delay and 25 custom IR reverbs.

Command Performance

Add even more vivid colors and tonal dimensions to any sound with Sculpt, Breath and Echoes, Ambition’s proprietary and distinctive X-Y control performance effects. Easily enough to earn you a curtain call.

Key Features:

  • Powerful synth engine built on Kontakt 6
  • A/B channel dexterity & agile channel exchange
  • Full-featured LFOs per channel, with syncing & core waveforms
  • Proprietary LFO visual display
  • Expressive X-Y performance effects: Sculpt, Breath, Echoes
  • Per channel ADSR envelopes
  • 8 effects per channel
  • Intuitive sample browser menu for easy navigation
  • Sound Yeti curated sounds for all types of music production
  • Employs Kontakt’s powerful FX

What’s inside:

  • 1 Master NKI template
  • 31 Multi(s) heavily designed presets
  • 252 sample sources
  • 221 snapshots (uniquely designed)
  • 3,351 high quality chromatic samples
  • 30,000+ sample combinations
  • 5.1 GB of (compressed lossless ncw’s)
  • 3 powerful global performance effects

1.1.1 Updates

– *Tweak – Fixed expansions not displaying when users added multiple expansions.

1.1.0 Updates

– *Feature – Added a new sample expansion system.
– *Feature – Added a new sample browsing system.
– *Feature – Added new settings cog. (Functions Below)
– *Feature – Clear All Favorites.
– *Feature – Scanning for for Expansion functions.
– *Feature – Added favorite staring functions. Now you can save your favorites and patches in the Ambition browser.
– *Feature – Added Filterable Menu and 12 new Timbres for better sorting of sample presets.
– *Tweak – Split A/B Now saves on user snapshots and works in DAW.
– *Tweak – Moved Button – Midi XY CCs to bottom right of footer.



Demo Preview: