Sound Doctrine Devotional WAV

Sound Doctrine Devotional WAV 1

Sound Doctrine Devotional WAV

Musicians and singers in the Black church are often referred to as psalmists. Devotional songs and hymns sometimes only need to be played and sung by one person for a moment of reflection and prayer. So many psalmists develop their skills so that they can play and sing simultaneously.

Devotional is a Sound Doctrine pack inspired by these moments in church, capturing the simplistic yet powerful solo performance of singing with keyboard accompaniment. Users will have access to multiple vocals riffs and melodies over piano playing covering different moods. With tape and vocal synth processing, we sought to provide producers with simple yet creative textures.

Sound Doctrine specializes in delivering the spirit and emotion of Gospel music in both vintage and contemporary styles. We believe Gospel music is a thread straight from the heartbeat of the African-American experience connecting the past, present, and future and we’re proud to provide access to a collection of authentic Gospel music samples and loops otherwise difficult to find in a royalty-free formatQries


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