Soulful String Samples BLUES STRINGS WAV

Soulful String Samples BLUES STRINGS WAV 1

Soulful String Samples BLUES STRINGS WAV

Soulful String parts to compliment your Blues inspired tracks. Featuring Harmonica and Acoustic Guitar

28 Sounds

“Nicole has the sound and Style I’ve been looking for my whole career” – Devante Swing, Jodeci “Nicole Rocked The Loveboat and her beauty and bow strokes graced across the Silver Screen. Extremely adaptable and versatile.” “She plays Old School Marvin Gaye string style with the unique ability to Improvise on a whim” -Gregory Williams, Switch “True perfectionist which eliminates costly studio time”- Tommy Daugherty, Death Row Records “You’ve brought a skill to the Joshua Tree Philharmonic that pleasures both the ears and the eyes! Thank you for your gift of music.” Jarrod Radnich “Extremely talented “-Hal Henkel, Guitar “Highly gifted with such positive energy”- Willie Walman, Banyon “Nothing but all positive things to say about Nicole”- Benny Glickman, Regime Management “An absolute angel with beautiful sound and style.” “Extremely well trained with the ability to cross over to many musical Genres. Very friendly and humble person to work with”- Dave Aron, Hollywood Way Studios



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