Sonics Empire Gospel Of Wealth WAV MIDI

Sonics Empire Gospel Of Wealth WAV MIDI 1

Sonics Empire Gospel Of Wealth WAV MIDI

‘Gospel of wealth.’ is a sample pack by Sonics Empire. We loaded this sample pack with Chords, Vocals, Melodies, 808 Loops, Drum Loops, and Full Melodic Samples.

The inspiring Ideas From the Gospel Of Wealth By Sonics Empire are an epic addition to your library of sounds, and Here is why!

When you play the demo, you will hear bluesy, Dark, Dramatic, and Melancholic Guitar solos, Hard Knocking Drums that don’t clip, and expressive chords progressions.

In addition to that, every sound in the package has its MIDI version. And that is absolute control over the melody, the instrument played, and many other settings like Velocity, Timing, and more.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper inside the package. When you order your copy, you’ll receive Royalty-free loops and samples 100% and Two Different Versions of the sample pack: The mixed Version with levels balanced and an unbalanced version for multipurpose use. All Audio Files are Tempo and key labeled.

We preserved the audio files’ levels in the mixed version as they sound inside the project, so when combined, they’ll peak around -6, which keeps the samples at a healthy state with plenty of room in case of adding drums or any other elements. And this applies to Chords, Melodies, Vocals, Drums, and 808s.

On the other hand, we packed the Unbalance version of audio files to use as a single loop or adjust the levels to your taste.

The Gospel of Wealth Sample pack is an experience of melodies that you use for your beats production and submit to major artists like Roddy Rich, Kehlani, Russ, Lil Tjay, J.I, Drake, Pop Smoke, Don Toliver, and many others.

If you’re Ready To Create Expressive Melodic instrumentals With “The Gospel Of Wealth,” Download your copy today and receive 132 Wav Loops and 74 MIDI Files totalized in 660mb of content.

Pack details:


  • 5 808 Loops
  • 10 Chord Progressions
  • 25 Drum Loops
  • 12 Melody Loops
  • 10 Full Layered Samples
  • 7 Vocal Loops

– Unbalanced Version of:

  • 808S – Chords – Melodies
  • Samples and Vocal Loops


  • 5 808 Midi Loops
  • 10 MIDI Chords
  • 25 MIDI Drum Loops

+ 5 Wav Demo Beats