Sonics Empire Feeling Blues WAV MIDI

Sonics Empire Feeling Blues WAV MIDI 1

Sonics Empire Feeling Blues WAV MIDI

Feeling blues is a vocal sample pack created by Sonics Empire. We also wanted to pack it with melodies, Samples, And Drum loops to provide you with more value for your music production library.

We included MIDI and WAV files of each sound for more control along with an Additional Dry Loops folder to apply your effects.

And to get more specific, we loaded Feeling Blues with 42 Vocal Chops Wet and Dry Version, 10 Full Samples, 33 Drum Loops, 28 Melodies, and Chords. So, You’ll be able to construct an Amazing trap soul, Cloud Rap, Rnb beats, and put a whole vibe using those vocal Chops.

We used real instruments such as Guitars, Pianos, Human Vocals, and other high-quality sounds that will get you on a different vibration.

All sounds included are 100% Royalty-free and are eligible for monetization on All streaming platforms with no exception.

We aspire to inspire, and every time we come up with a new project for you, We think about how it’s going to improve your production, the reason why we want to take the opportunity of this sample pack release, to announce our next coming vocal samples. So make sure you try Feeling blues and keep an eye open for Sonics Empire, We got the best for you.

Pack details:

42 Wet Vocal Samples
42 Dry Vocal Chops
10 Full Samples
28 Melodies, Chords
33 Drum Loops
5 Construction Kits
25 Additional Dry Files
5 Basslines / 808s
5 Bass/808 MIDI
26 MIDI Drums
23 MIDI Loops
5 WAV Demos
522MB of Content