Sonic Collective Sitar Explorations WAV

Sonic Collective Sitar Explorations WAV 1

Sonic Collective Sitar Explorations WAV

Cherished for its place in North Indian classical music, the sitar is an instrument with vast possibility for creative expression, within and beyond its traditional framework. Sitar Explorations, performed by Chithrinie Nirupama WIjayakulathilaka, traverses this spectrum, from the traditional to the experimental, documenting the sonic DNA of the sitar while expanding it with atmospheric processing. The pack includes both tempo-based and open-meter performances, honoring the elasticity of traditional Indian meters, as well as the convenience for grid-based rhythmic production.

Chithrinie Nirupama WIjayakulathilaka is a Sri Lankan Sitarist based in the United Kingdom. With a background in Indian classical music and audio technology, her main interest is exploring creative soundscapes by blending acoustic sitar with experimental production techniques.


Sonic Collective is an eclectic label focused on real instrumentation and live performances. Featuring a wide range of genres and instrumentation, Sonic Collective connects musical styles from around the world through authentic, high-quality recordings available exclusively on Splice.



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