Simbo Chex Mix (Loop Kit) WAV

Simbo Chex Mix (Loop Kit) WAV 1

Simbo Chex Mix (Loop Kit) WAV

30 Loops composed by Simbo in a multitude of genres and styles

Simbo’s first sound pack influenced by electronic, afro, and trap.


@whoissimbo @linkhalfway get off this train 92BPM (simpothy).mp3
@whoissimbo @linkhalfway Jenner bpm 105.wav
@whoissimbo Double bpm 140.wav
@whoissimbo Eli bpm 76.wav
@whoissimbo Eli Sostre bpm 120.wav
@whoissimbo Experiment bpm 126.wav
@whoissimbo Fataya bpm 110.wav
@whoissimbo Girardot bpm 106.wav
@whoissimbo Goodbye Letter bpm 90.wav
@whoissimbo Hide bpm 78.wav
@whoissimbo House bpm 115.wav
@whoissimbo How bpm 120.wav
@whoissimbo Hug bpm 140.wav
@whoissimbo IDLE bpm 160.wav
@whoissimbo Just Started bpm 133.wav
@whoissimbo Kick bpm 134.wav
@whoissimbo Live love bpm 130.wav
@whoissimbo Mallet bpm 74.wav
@whoissimbo Mellow bpm 120.wav
@whoissimbo My Type bpm 128.wav
@whoissimbo Outdoor bpm 138.wav
@whoissimbo PlayPlace bpm 131.wav
@whoissimbo Return bpm 156.wav
@whoissimbo Space bpm 148.wav
@Whoissimbo Stop it bpm 136.wav
@whoissimbo Sunshine bpm 116.wav
@whoissimbo Symphony bpm 145.wav
@whoissimbo Throwback bpm 120.wav
@whoissimbo Tuff bpm 152.wav
@whoissimbo Watches bpm 160.wavQries