Sikky Beats Horizons (Composition Kit)

Sikky Beats Horizons WAV FST

Sikky Beats Horizons (Composition Kit)

If you’ve been following me the last few months, you’ll know that this pack came together over 6 months of work.

I really tried to challenge my creative ability and tried some other worldly sound design techniques.
Techniques such as playing the loops back on a speaker in my bathroom and re recording the ambience at the bottom of the stairs. Stretching Sound to oblivion and resampling the degraded audio and building chord progressions from these never before heard sounds!

Every sounds ran through a small collection analog equipment I own along with a few plugins.

Occasionally the sounds were ran through an old guitar amp my parents got me for the noisy circuit its has and blended back with the clean sound for added texture.

All files have been orgaznied into 2 folders called “DARK ENERGY”, and VIBEY. Choose your adventure wisely…

These kits I put out are a work of self discovery and passion. I hope when you hear them, you’ll hear what’s over the HORIZON.


Demo Preview: