Serato Studio 1.2 [Windows]

Serato Studio v1.2.0 CE-V.R

Serato Studio 1.2 [Windows]
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There’s a whole range of exciting new features and workflow improvements in Serato Studio 1.2. This is a free update for all Studio subscribers. If you don’t currently have a Serato Studio subscription, you can start a free trial.

What’s new in Serato Studio 1.2

  • Sidechain Compression – Build energy in your track and layer sounds together with Sidechain Compression. This popular technique lets you ‘duck’ the audio of one sound to another, like a bassline to a kick.
  • Scene Page Looping – Stay focused on the music by looping a scene page while you work on it, and save time by starting scene playback from a looped page.
  • Mute/Solo Per Drum Deck Pad – Perfect your drum sounds by muting or solo-ing your drum deck pads while you get each sound just right.
  • Export Drum Deck Pad Stems – Export individual drum sounds and master them in another programme.
  • Support for Pioneer DJ DDJ‑1000SRT – Make beats with your DJ hardware using the all-new DDJ‑1000SRT
  • In-App Sound Pack Notifications -Get notified within Serato Studio as soon as a new sound pack drops so you can stay in the loop.
  • Demo Projects Added to Sound Pack Installer – Demo Studio projects in sound packs will now install with your sound pack instead of separately.
  • Reorder Decks – Keep your decks organised by reordering the decks within a scene.

Serato Studio 1.2 [Windows]

About Serato Studio

Serato Studio is intuitive beat making software for DJs and producers. Spend less time hitting roadblocks and more time in the creative flow.

DJ-friendly production

Make beats with your DJ hardware and get colored waveforms, DJ-style mixing channel and your entire Serato DJ library.

Fast, simple workflow

Get right to it with time-saving features like instant key detection, key-shifting, and BPM-sync. And instantly play any instrument in key using Play-in-Key mode.

Advanced features

Use third-party plugins, export your stems, and pair Serato Studio with any supported MIDI device to customize your sound exactly how you want.

Serato Studio 1.2 release notes.

20 August, 2019

New Features:

Added Mute and Solo for Drums Deck Pads
Added new Sidechain compressor effect
Added the ability to loop a Scene Page (double-click a selected scene page)
Added the ability to export Drum Pads as individual stems
Added the ability to reorder decks in the deck list
Added the ability to Cut a selection of Notes or Steps (command+C/Ctrl+C)
Added new demo projects into Serato Studio Sound Packs
Added support for the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT

Other Changes:

Metronome is audible during recording count-in when disabled
Improved performance of dragging files into the Library
Library backups are now zipped to take up less space
Serato Studio Sound Packs now install their content into dedicated crates
Added a notification when new Studio Sound Packs are available for download
Improved Relocate Lost Files feature to includes Project and Deck Preset Files
Fixed an issue where loading a reverb into a slot after a compressor increased deck volume
Fixed an issue where loading a file to a sample slot cleared the files default name
Fixed an issue where deleting the bottom file in a crate jumps selection to the the top
Fixed an issue where sometimes the metronome stops working
Fixed an issue where loading a deck preset will reset custom deck name
Fixed an issue where Deck Sequence Waveforms would not update after changing the BPM
Fixed an issue where playing after BPM change can result in temporarily stuck playhead
Fixed an issue where loading over an Instrument Deck can reset Project Key to C Minor
Fixed an issue stopping a scene while recording a note results in a note that finishes at the end of the scene
Fixed an issue being unable to reorder Scene Clips in the Song View
Fixed an issue where collapse/expand Library or Song View bar appears at the bottom of Library or Song View
Fixed a potential crash with Akai AMX connected
Updated Scene Player Record Help Text