Sample Market Originals Djebali WAV

Sample Market Originals Djebali WAV 1

Sample Market Originals Djebali WAV

Sample Market proudly presents the 5th edition of Originals Series by Parisian House Maestro Djebali.

A Parisian club kid in the early 2000s, Djebali has grown into one of the most accomplished house producers from the city’s new generation of talent. Driven by his own self-titled imprint in 2011 and several sub-labels, together with a constant flow of gigs at high-profile clubs around the globe and a back catalogue full of classic house grooves, he is one of Paris’ shining stars…

Djebali was first backed by long-serving Paris head Terence:Terry: at the legendary ‘After Party Is Not A Crime’ nights, before making numerous appearances at Rex Club and holding down a residency at the Freak N’ Chic Batofar parties between 2008 and 2010. Since then, it’s been a steady rise up the ranks, with Djebali’s hard work and ingenuity taking him around the world

Drum Loops -> Contemporary drum grooves, raw beats and timeless house rhythms all custom programmed with MPC samplers and drum machines. All beats are served as full mixes broken down into No Kick, Hats, Percussion, Kick, Clap and Snare loops for total flexibility.

Bass Loops -> Funky bass lines and classic analogue sequences.

Synth & Music Loops -> Classic filtered deep chords, glitchy synth lines, bleepy leads and funky guitar loops.

Pads -> Deep, lush pads and emotive sound beds designed to add that dept to your tracks.

SFX -> Risers, down-shifters and transition FX tools and more.

One-Shot Samples -> A curated collection of authentic drum hits and one-shot bass samples.

All loops are tempo labelled and all music loops are also key-labelled.


•36 Full Drum Loops
•33 No Kick Loops
•34 Percussion Loops
•34 Hat Loops
•20 Kicks
•19 Clap & Snare Loops
•38 Synth & Music Loops
•34 Bass Loops
•21 Pads
•23 SFX

Single Hits:

•15 Bass Shots
•17 Kicks
•20 Claps & Snares
•21 Percussion
•30 Hats


Demo Preview: