Saajh Mega-Sample Collection WAV

Saajh Mega-Sample Collection WAV 1

Saajh Mega-Sample Collection

This pack includes 103 released packs from Saajh. Check below the full list of included products.

This sample collection contains:

  1. Saajh Tenor Guitar Darbaari B
  2. Saajh Violin Bhairavi F
  3. Saajh Violin Bhairavi C#
  4. Saajh Vaja Pillu F#
  5. Saajh Vaja Pillu A#
  6. Saajh Vaja Pahaari G#
  7. Saajh Vaja Darbaari F
  8. Saajh Vaja Darbaari C#
  9. Saajh Vaja Darbaari A#
  10. Saajh Vaja Charukeshi D#
  11. Saajh Vaja Bhairavi G#
  12. Saajh Vaja Bhairavi E
  13. Saajh Vaja Bhairavi C
  14. Saajh Tumbi Pillu A#
  15. Saajh Tumbi Pillu A
  16. Saajh Tumbi Pahaari G#
  17. Saajh Tumbi Darbaari F#
  18. Saajh Tumbi Darbaari E
  19. Saajh Tumbi Darbaari B
  20. Saajh Tumbi Darbaari A#
  21. Saajh Tumbi Bhairavi F#
  22. Saajh Tumbi Bhairavi C
  23. Saajh Tumbi Bhairavi A#
  24. Saajh Tenor Guitar Darbaari F
  25. Saajh Tenor Guitar Bhairavi G#
  26. Saajh Tenor Guitar Bhairavi A
  27. Saajh Tabla F#
  28. Saajh Tabla E
  29. Saajh Tabla D#
  30. Saajh Tabla D
  31. Saajh Tabla C#
  32. Saajh Tabla A#
  33. Saajh Sarangi Pillu E
  34. Saajh Sarangi Pillu D
  35. Saajh Sarangi Pillu C#
  36. Saajh Sarangi Darbaari F
  37. Saajh Sarangi Pillu A#
  38. Saajh Sarangi Darbaari B
  39. Saajh Sarangi Bhairavi G
  40. Saajh Sarangi Bhairavi D#
  41. Saajh Sarangi Bhairavi C
  42. Saajh Sarangi Bhairavi B
  43. Saajh Melodica Bhairavi A#
  44. Saajh Mandolin Pahaari G#
  45. Saajh Mandolin Darbaari G#
  46. Saajh Mandolin Darbaari G
  47. Saajh Mandolin Darbaari B
  48. Saajh Mandolin Darbaari A#
  49. Saajh Mandolin Bhairavi F#
  50. Saajh Mandolin Bhairavi D#
  51. Saajh Mandolin Bhairavi E
  52. Saajh Mandolin Bhairavi B
  53. Saajh Mandolin Bhairavi A
  54. Saajh Guitar Pillu A#
  55. Saajh Guitar Darbaari D
  56. Saajh Guitar Darbaari C#
  57. Saajh Guitar Darbaari C
  58. Saajh Guitar Darbaari B
  59. Saajh Guitar Bhairavi G
  60. Saajh Guitar Bhairavi D#
  61. Saajh Guitar Bhairavi D
  62. Saajh Guitar Bhairavi A#
  63. Saajh Guitar Bhairavi A
  64. Saajh Flute Pahaari G#
  65. Saajh Flute Darbaari F
  66. Saajh Flute Darbaari B
  67. Saajh Flute Darbaari A
  68. Saajh Flute Bhairavi G
  69. Saajh Flute Bhairavi D#
  70. Saajh Flute Bhairavi D
  71. Saajh Flute Bhairavi C#
  72. Saajh Flute Bhairavi B
  73. Saajh Flute Bhairavi A#
  74. Saajh DJ KSR Remix Kit
  75. Saajh Dholak F#
  76. Saajh Dholak F
  77. Saajh Dholak E
  78. Saajh Dholak B
  79. Saajh Dholak A#
  80. Saajh Dholak C#
  81. Saajh Dhol F#
  82. Saajh Dhol F
  83. Saajh Dhol E
  84. Saajh Dhol D#
  85. Saajh Dhol C#
  86. Saajh Dhad E
  87. Saajh Banjo Pillu E
  88. Saajh Banjo Darbaari G#
  89. Saajh Banjo Darbaari F
  90. Saajh Banjo Darbaari E
  91. Saajh Banjo Darbaari C
  92. Saajh Banjo Darbaari B
  93. Saajh Banjo Darbaari A#
  94. Saajh Banjo Bhairavi D#
  95. Saajh Banjo Bhairavi D
  96. Saajh Banjo Bhairavi B
  97. Saajh Roach Killa Artist Kit
  98. Saajh Harj Nagra Artist Kit
  99. Saajh Gur Sidhu Artist Kit
  100. Saajh Deep Jandu Artist Kit
  101. Saajh Algozay Bhairavi F
  102. Saajh Algozay Bhairavi E
  103. Saajh Algozay Bhairavi C#

Saajh is a platform for artists by artists. Whether you’re a producer, beatmaker, singer, composer, engineer, or lyricist, quickly access an ever-growing collection of instruments, sounds, and samples. Saajh allows musicians to create their songs faster than ever before.


Created by 2 artists with over 15 years of experience and a countless number of hits, Saajh offers an endless sound library from the world’s best musicians in a wide variety of instruments.