Rubicon Micropercussion WAV

Rubicon Micropercussion WAV 1

Rubicon Micropercussion WAV

Exploring synthetic percussion that invokes ASMR, swirling top rhythms, and morphing percussion, Micropercussion offers a sonic palette focused on tight transients and textured experimental percussion. Juxtaposed against the microsound found here, we are also presented with driven drum kits, massive kick drums, gongs, and bass dives that provide a contrast that emphasizes the unique sense of size and weight carried by each of the sounds in this pack.

Producer and sound designer, Enayet designed this pack using a host of eurorack modules including the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteras Alteras, Intelijel Plonk, and Mutable Instruments Braids as the core voice modules, as well as the Elektron Digitone for FM techniques. Additionally, some live-recorded drum kits and small percussion were live processed through a variety of analog outboard hardware. All of the sounds in this kit were finally processed and polished through a mastering grade signal path including the Manley Massive Passive, Thermionix Culture Vulture, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, and Dangerous Music Bax EQ.



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