Psychadelia Sample Library WAV

Psychadelia Sample Library WAV 1

Psychadelia Sample Library WAV

The Psychedelia sample collection contains 20 unique compositions made . These samples were made with analog and digital instruments, along with real instruments and guitar pedals to match the Psychedelic feeling of Travis Scott, Tame Impala, and many other artists.



a feeling you’ll never know 145.wav
cargo pants 79.wav
criss cross 113.wav
devil’s eye 86 (WITH INTRO, CRAZY SWITCHUP).wav
five nights at freddy’s v3 115.wav
hannibal 85.wav
hysteria 112.wav
i know u see me 152.wav
malnourishment 160.wav
microdosing 159.wav
no pulp please 109.wav
sparkling 152.wav
step on you 114.wav
the union dead 113 w culture.wav
time is ticking 162.wav
took her to the city 80.wav
walk in the rain 111.wav
wasted 137 w jakik.wav
you confuse me 148.wav
you switched on me 81.wav
you’ll regret it v2 144.wav