Organics II – Ambient Drums & Foley WAV MIDI

Organics II - Ambient Drums & Foley WAV MIDI

Organics II – Ambient Drums & Foley WAV MIDI
Size 361 Mb

Organics II’s mantra is to provide an expansive library focussed on delivering a variety of the highest quality foley, and organic drum samples possible.

One of our more detailed packs to date, Organics II contains a wealth of 125 drum hits broken down into sections such as foley kick, noise, and snare layers, to add to the fundamental drum samples, providing a comprehensive library for those who really value the finer intricacies of music production, with countless opportunities for tweaking and layering.

A selection of 10 foley atmospheres of around a minute long each, provide a convincing environment to choose from, whether that be of a more modern-day approach using a busy street as a bed rock to your track, or perhaps to dive into the depths of nature with a use of a bird-song soundscape. Or perhaps you’re after something a bit more creative, in which case look no further than the 30 foley loops, the warped foley elements will provide a unique rhythm and character to your tracks to help stand out from the rest.

The 75 versatile foley one-shots included in Organics II can be used in a variety of creative ways, whether it be to use for their literal sonic timbre in a rhythmic pattern to add an extra layer of detail to your percussion, or perhaps to re-pitch and stretch the samples to create interesting and unique droning textures, the possibilities are endless.

Organics II sets out to transform your productions out of the DAW and into a convincing organic space, an essential for producers from various genres.

*All musical and drum loops heard in the demo track are included as bonus samples

Whats in the pack?

• 125 Foley infused drum hits
• 30 Rhythmic foley loops
• 10 Foley atmospheres
• 75 Versatile foley one-shots
• 13 Bonus drum loops
• 12 Bonus music loops (+ MIDI)
• 6 Bonus SFX


Demo Preview: