Organics – Ambient Drums & Foley WAV MIDI

Organics – Ambient Drums & Foley WAV MIDI 1

Organics – Ambient Drums & Foley WAV MIDI

We are proud to present Organics, a cutting edge collection of meticulously crafted foley audio, ranging from field recordings of atmospheres, through to capturing intimate organic samples of day to day items, to provide a fresh new perspective on the use of foley in your productions.

There is an expansive selection of 200 one shot samples, varying in textured hits that are perfect for adding extra detail to your percussion, or perhaps placing one of the many field recordings distantly in the background take the track out of the box and transport it into a rich environment, taking your compositions to the next level!

We have also included 80 foley infused drum hits which can be instantly dragged and dropped into your productions to give it a natural feel, along with these there are also 45 foley drum layers which you can mould with your own drums to give them a unique sonic character.

The 30 professionally proceseed rhythmic foley loops can further expand your drum sound by adding instant natural groove to your beats.

Organics is suitable for a multitude of genres including Ambient, IDM, Downtempo, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electronica, Future Bass and Trap. If you are looking for the sounds of artists such as Culprate, Tennyson, Bonobo, Grynpyret, Aphex Twin, Camo & Krooked and more… you’ll probably love this collection of sounds.


Whats in the pack?

  • 80 Unique drum hits
  • 45 Foley infused drum layers
  • 11 Rich field atmospheres
  • 30 Rhythmic foley loops
  • 75 Foley one shots
  • 12 Bonus demo track loops (Including MIDI)


Demo Preview: