OhGodDC Church Days WAV

OhGodDC Church Days WAV 1

OhGodDC Church Days WAV

im back with a lil composition kit before my drumkit, these sounds were provided by me and recorded in my hometown. hope you guys enjoy!


Blap (Cmin BPM 130).wav
Complex (F#min BPM 90).wav
DC and Jesus (Gmin BPM 130).wav
Forbidden Fruit (Cmin BPM 160).wav
In Lords Name (Bmin BPM 87).wav
Joy [Used from my track Joy on all platforms] (Emaj BPM 140).wav
King (GMaj BPM 70).wav
Marvelous (Cmaj BPM 60).wav
Prayers (Emin BPM 90).wav
Shuffle (Cmaj BPM 105).wav
Stomp Ya Feet (Gmaj BPM 70).wav
Sunday Service (Gmaj to to Emaj BPM 140).wav