Nu.Wav Street Lights – Shadow Trap WAV

Nu.Wav Street Lights – Shadow Trap WAV 1

Nu.Wav Street Lights – Shadow Trap WAV

Drawing on the darker side of modern day trap, Street Lights: Shadow Trap is a hazy collection of high-quality vocal and melodic material. With a strong focus on analog synthesizers and experimental vocal textures, producers Khaya Cohen and Byron August have created a collection of ready to use melodic material, including foggy synth loops, dissonant vocal chops, somber top lines, and menacing ambiances. Gear used in the creation of this pack include the Moog One, Moog Matriarch, Korg Minilogue, modular synthesizers, and experimental, in-the-box vocal processing.


nu.wav is a NYC-based sound design house with a specialty for crafting forward-thinking yet industry-friendly samples and textures. With a diverse roster of musicians, vocalists, producers and sound designers on staff, nu.wav is your secret weapon whenever you’re ready to break new sonic ground.Qries


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