Noiiz Metallic Drums WAV

Noiiz Metallic Drums WAV

Noiiz Metallic Drums WAV
Size 40 Mb

Sometimes drums just need more clank.

Metallic Drums is a flavoursome set of samples organised into five separate kits that will add a new edge to your drums and cut right through your mix.

The samples have been created by bashing, thumping and smashing the most sonically interesting saucepans, metal cups, ball bearings, filing cabinets, boilers, radiators and other unique metal objects. Nothing made from metal at Noiiz HQ was safe!

Layering these samples with more traditional drum sounds can really take them to a new level. Choose from epic swells, heavy impacts, bright percussion, booming kicks and sharp snappy snares. Download and see where Metallic Drums takes you!

Contains 136 24 Bit Wav One Shots
53 MB Download Size


Demo Preview: