Mr. Bill’s Tunes The Art of Mr. Bill Season 04

Mr. Bill's Tunes The Art of Mr. Bill Season 04 MP4 incl. Project Files

Mr. Bill’s Tunes The Art of Mr. Bill Season 04 MP4 Including Project Files
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The Art of Mr. Bill Season 04

The Art Of Mr. Bill is a series that started in 2012. Each season basically outlines my current process (whatever that may be at the time) in a long-form, pre-recorded (10-15 hour) video series with accompanying project files for each video lesson. Season 4 continues this journey by allowing you to explore my current processes.

Season 4 is of much higher quality in terms of both production and content than ever before! This is the first season with multi-camera angles and editing produced by Gardner Beson (aka GARDNSOUND). We also made the lessons and resources areas infinitely more rich for you to enhance your learning experience.

I personally believe this season will be the most beneficial I’ve made to date!

Course Delivery

The Art Of Mr. Bill – Season 4 is made up of 13 x ~1hr videos, each focusing on my writing process and how I get from having nothing, to having a finished tune with no corners cut and nothing left unexplained.

Each episode is accompanied by a resources area on this website. You will find the accompanying project file for that episode + some additional links and downloadable content. So if you want to do some extracurricular learning off the back of what I’m explaining in certain parts of this series, you can!


The aim of this series is to invite you to the unplanned, chaotic nature of my workflow and show you my current writing process in its entirety. I’ll share some insights into how I generate creativity and get songs finished on a regular basis.

Quite a bit of time has passed between seasons 3 & 4, but I think it was worth it. I’ve learned so many new tricks since then! This series is a culmination of those put into the context we’re likely all most interested in – how to use said tricks to make a solid tune!

I hope to contextualise splintered information you’ve already learned from my tutorials into a form that results in an actual finished piece of music.

By the end of the course, you can expect to:

  • Know how I produced this tune (obviously)
  • Have a fairly decent grasp on how Ableton Live works
  • Understand what some of the tools in Live do – how they work & when to use them
  • See some of my plug-in library & learn why I prefer some of these tools & what I use them for
  • Learn about my workflow & see how to get music written quickly & efficiently
  • Learn how to mix a tune down to sound really nice
  • Learn about referencing
  • Learn about bass design
  • Learn how to make all your drums from scratch
  • Learn how to write melodies & chord progressions (even if you don’t any music theory)
  • Learn how to edit
  • Have a pack of your own drum samples (as supplied by episode 1)
  • Have a stack of modular samples provided from one of the episodes
  • Have the project files for each episode


Demo Preview: