Mr. Bill’s Tunes SPECTRA Sample Pack

Mr. Bill’s Tunes SPECTRA Sample Pack 1


SPECTRA started as a small pack idea. Originally, the idea was to make a few hundred strange spectral sounds & release them during the COVID lockdowns, but the more I worked on it, the more I thought “Why not just dig through my hard-drives & put all the sound-design I have laying around in here & turn this into a mega-pack?” which I did! So although the pack still retains the name SPECTRA, it now includes folders of drums, breaks, basses, synths, risers, SFX, vocals, instrumental recordings, and anything else you can think of really (oh… and some weird spectral sounds).

The result is a monstrous 1.5 gigabyte, 1,358-sample, all-in-one, swiss-army-knife-type, well-rounded, will-even-wipe-for-u-if-u-ask-it-nicely sample pack that should hopefully meet all your electronic music writing needs (and probably even some of your film/game/UI audio needs).

I’ve personally been using this pack for the last few months in my personal projects & I can safely say that if I really needed to I could quite happily live on this pack alone. It’s my desert island sample pack for sure.

Anyway, enough about how much I truly enjoy this pack from a personal perspective I really just hope that you also enjoy it & if you do, you should tell your buddies because every time someone buys this – it helps me! (especially during COVID whilst shows aren’t happening).

What do you get?

The biggest and highest quality sample pack I have ever released.

Over 1.5GB of high quality wav 24 bit samples. Carefully crafted and perfected, focussed on bass music.

  • 1.6GB 24bit Wav Files
  • 185 Bass Samples
  • 98 Kicks
  • 89 Snares & Claps
  • 235 Drum Fills / Loops
  • 409 FX Samples
  • 42 Instrumental Samples
  • 252 Synth Loops, One-shots
  • 19 Vocal Samples
  • 21 Construction Kit Loops
  • 60 Midi Clips

SPECTRA is the ultimate sample pack!


Demo Preview: