Mr. Bill – URL (Ableton Live Template)

Mr. Bill – URL (Ableton Live Template) 1

Mr. Bill – URL (Ableton Live Template)

URL Ableton Project File From Mr. Bill


I froze all the channels in the “Vox Widening” group, not because
they had 3rd party plug-ins on them, but because every cut there
is referencing unique, long acapella files, and upon opening the
session it can take upto 3-5 minutes for them all to load properly,
so I figured I’d just freeze them, and if you want to unfreeze
them and mess with them and see how it was done, you can, but if
not, you’re not waiting on the load time upon opening the session 🙂

There’s a FabFilter – Pro-L on the master that I can’t freeze, it’s
just boosting volume though, so if you don’t have it, no big deal,
just replace it with Live’s native “Limiter” or, you can just
listen back with your speakers turned up a little louder.

Channel 38 “Original Vocal Cuts”, inside the “Vox Widening” group
contains the original vocal cuts. Unfortunately all the acapellas
aren’t cut exactly how they originally were (not sure why, they
just somehow are referencing the wrong parts of the files now) – I
tried to re-build it as close as possible so you could see the way
I did it (kinda), but figured I’d put the original vocal stem in
there also, just to make sure if you want to know exactly how those
vocals sound on their own in the original, you can. It’s kinda cool
though, because you’re getting a VIP cut of the vox now, too
basically 😀

*Plug-ins Used (Frozen)*

· Toontrack – Superior Drummer 2.0
· u-he – Zebra 2
· Native Instruments – Kontakt 5


Demo Preview: