Mr. Bill – The Oculist (Ableton Live Template)

Mr. Bill – The Oculist (Ableton Live Template) 1

Mr. Bill – The Oculist (Ableton Live Template)

The Oculist Ableton Project File From Mr. Bill


There’s a FabFilter – Pro-L & Pro Q-2 on the master that I can’t
freeze, so basically if you don’t have that, the track will just
be a little quieter & less balanced, feel free to recreate
brightness & volume to taste using Live’s native EQ & limiter
(for these purposes I’m sure that’s fine)

“Channel 51” labeled “Strings” was originally created using a
different string plug-in, but it’s not available anymore, so I just
replaced it with a string patch from Kontakt 5’s factory library,
and I believe it sounds a little out of place, but better than no
string at all for demonstration sake…

I could not freeze the Uhbik-A on return channel A, however it
plays a pretty minimal part overall, so I wouldn’t worry about it
too much if you don’t have it

*Plug-ins Used (Frozen)*

· Izotope – Alloy 2
· u-he – Uhbik
· Toontrack – Superior Drummer 2.0
· u-he – Zebra 2
· Native Instruments – Kontakt 5
· Flux – Bittersweet v3


Demo Preview: