Mr. Bill – Peaceful Beginnings (Ableton Live Template)

Mr. Bill – Peaceful Beginnings (Ableton Live Template) 1

Mr. Bill – Peaceful Beginnings (Ableton Live Template)

Peaceful Beginnings Ableton Project File From Mr. Bill


There’s a FabFilter – Pro-L on the master that I can’t freeze, so
basically if you don’t have that, the track will just be a little
quieter, feel free to use Live’s native limiter to turn it up if you

On the marker “Drop 1” you’ll notice in the Synths group, channels
17 & 18 have clips on them stating that those elements were lost
(this just seems to be the nature of moving things from hard drive
to hard drive over the year & being a little bit unorganised), so
rather than re-create the synths there, I figured a nice exercise
for you would be to re-harmonise it yourself & try to come up with
the most interesting chord progression for that vocal line you can!

Zebra 2 is the only 3rd party synth being used in this session (bar
the Pro-L on the master – which isn’t important for these purposes),
you’ll notice channel 15 is routed into channel 16 to account for
freezing & sidechains – if you have Zebra 2, you can move the
sidechains from channel 16 back to 15 & unfreeze/unroute it & delete
channel 16 🙂

*Plug-ins Used (Frozen)*

· u-he – Zebra 2
· FabFilter – Pro-L


Demo Preview: