Mr. Bill Heisenbogan (Ableton Live Template)

Mr. Bill Heisenbogan (Ableton Live Template) 1

Mr. Bill Heisenbogan (Ableton Live Template)

Rich, bluesy flavours set the space in Heisenbogan and are quickly infiltrated by tight percussion and hyper-specific bass articulations. With dense layers of muted guitars and a wild west twang echoing over a powerful and polished glitch hop beat. Soft chords take you into a lounge-y breakdown and allow the track to simmer into a mellow flow.


There’s a Uhbik-A on the “Short Verb” return channel (A) which I couldn’t freeze, as return tracks aren’t freezable, however, I would suggest getting the Uhbik plug-ins if you can, because, they’re AWESOME, but if you can’t, then you could just put any “small room” type of reverb here, and it’d likely sound somewhat in the range of what I have happening with Uhbik-A.

I have FabFilter – Pro Q-2 & Pro-L on the master for some mastering related purposes. You could use any EQ/Limiter combo though really, these are just my preferred 🙂

This session is mostly Ableton Native actually. It’s a good example of what Ableton is capable of without too much third party soft synth action 🙂

*Plug-ins Used (Frozen)*

· u-he – Uhbik
· FabFilter – Pro-L
· FabFilter – Pro-Q 2


Demo Preview: