Mr. Bill Aleph Null (Ableton Live Template)

Mr. Bill Aleph Null (Ableton Live Template) 1

Mr. Bill Aleph Null (Ableton Live Template)

This tune is comprised of all original sound design all the way down to the drums.

In fact, this tune could even serve as a demo track for my sample packs.

Originally released on Powered by Inspected – Vol. 2


I was unable to recreate the mastering using ableton devices so I just left all those plug-ins in a rack and turned it off, if you dont have them you’ll just have to hear the track unmastered.

I left all of the original Celesta/Kalimba MIDI at the bottom of the session, it’s all frozen and muted but I left it there incase you have Kontakt and wanted to mess with any of it or do a remix 🙂

*Plug-ins Used (Frozen)*

· FabFilter – Pro-Q 2
· Toontrack – Superior Drummer 2.0
· u-he – Uhbik
· u-he – Zebra 2
· Native Instruments – Massive
· Native Instruments – Kontakt 5
· Valhalla DSP – Valhalla Room
· Celemony – Melodyne
· Cakewalk – Z3TA+ 2
· JST – Gain Reduction Deluxe

*Plug-ins Used (NOT Frozen)*

· FabFilter – Pro-Q 2
· FabFilter – Pro-L


Demo Preview: