ModeAudio Woozy Guitar Loops WAV

ModeAudio Woozy Guitar Loops WAV 1

ModeAudio Woozy Guitar Loops WAV

Turn the lights down low, things are about to get woozy – welcome to the lush, soulful sound of our latest Mini Pack, bursting with vintage vibe and smooth, characterful vitality: Woozy Guitar Loops!

Bursting with personality and evoking moods from candle-lit hush to dramatic mystery, the 106 royalty-free music loops included in this selection will deliver a deeply nostalgic hit of sonic inspiration for your next beat.

Expertly performed, recorded and processed with our in-house array of vintage electric guitars, amps and pedals, this Swiss army knife of moonlit guitar stylings spans mellow chord loops, plucked arpeggios, chunky riffs, rhythmic strums and lilting lead melodies, all dripping in driven warmth and wavering chorus.

From crunchy LoFi Hip Hop and slick R&B to hazy Trip Hop, hedonistic Pop, vibrant Disco, driving House and everything in between, this sultry set of 6-string serenity will enhance and elevate your productions from across the genre spectrum.

All guitar loops, licks and riffs are presented in both wet and dry versions, so you can dial back the wavy wooze with your own amp sims and effects to capture the perfect atmosphere for your track. We’ve also included 13 guitar tail samples so you can bring your chosen sound to a smooth, natural decay.

Completing the set are 6 complementary drum loops as heard in the demo above, alongside the 6 MIDI patterns used to create them so you can start building your next groove the moment after download.

Bring some of that midnight mystery into your creative process – download Woozy Guitar Loops today!



Demo Preview: