ModeAudio Orbiter (Serum Synthwave Presets)

ModeAudio Orbiter (Serum Synthwave Presets)

ModeAudio Orbiter (Serum Synthwave Presets)

Send your music spinning around the stars, basking in the interstellar light of ocean planets, ice rings and dust clouds with our latest set of mesmeric synth patches, Orbiter – Serum Synthwave Presets!

Collecting 50 royalty-free .fxp presets into one gloriously retro-futurist, neon-drenched preset pack, we’ve boosted the resonance, cranked up the chorus and set low pass filters to stun with this library of analog-style 80s euphoria.

50 Serum Presets > ocean-wide bass synths sit alongside quaking pads dripping in reverb, rocketing synth leads, glistening arps, thundering FX and vinyl-static sampled textures in this choice of ultra-characterful, blissfully retro Serum presets.

40 Custom Wavetables & 5 Noise Samples > we’ve taken care to build each bass, pad, arp and synth lead preset from our own custom wavetables, sampling analog synths and vintage drum machines in the process to deliver the irresistible sonic textures of the 80s straight to your DAW.

24 Drum Loops > the pack also includes a bumper selection of thumping, low-end-heavy drum machine loops, tempo-synched and booming from 82 all the way up to 122 Bpm.

58 MIDI Files > we’ve also given you direct access to every melodic, harmonic and rhythmic detail presented in the main preset and loop folders with a set of 58 key and tempo-labelled MIDI loops – the building blocks for your next Synthwave smash.

Transport your sound into deep space and take yourself on a sonic tour of the cosmos – download Orbiter – Serum Synthwave Presets and blast off to today!

Pack Contents

5 Arp Presets
8 Bass Presets
13 Synth Lead Presets
7 Pad Presets
7 Melodic Synth Presets
5 FX Presets
5 Texture Presets
50 .fxp Presets
24 Drum Loops (Kicks, Top Drums & Full Beats)
40 Custom Wavetables (Analog Synths, Drums & Percussion)
5 Custom Noise Samples
58 MIDI Loops (Key and Tempo-Labelled)

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