Mike Candys Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

Mike Candys Track from Scratch TUTORIAL 1

Mike Candys Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

Mike Candys has become one of the most important Electro House producers from Europe with international recognition and an ever growing fanbase all around the globe. He not only produces fantastic dance tracks but is also much wanted as a performer and successfully runs his own label Wombat Music. Mike Candys, recently nominated for ‘best national dance album’ at the annual Swiss Music Awards and has completed productions or remixes for many other artists including Lil Jon feat. LMFAO, Example, Lucenzo & Pitbull, Inna & Flo Rida, Peter Heppner, Rosenstolz and DJ Antoine.

In this comprehensive course in partnership with Kontor, Mike demonstrates his creative process and workflow as he produces a track from scratch.

DAW used: Logic Pro
Total runtime: 4hrs 44mins

  • Introduction
  • Selecting Samples
    A look at a creative way to bring a lot of variety to your sample selection and creation process.
  • Sub Bass
    A sub bass sound is chosen and edited to fit into the track and is further processed.
  • The Melody
    A lead melody sound is chosen and the MIDI is recorded for the melody pattern.
  • Synth Layers
    Now that the track is taking shape, some synth layers are added on top of the bass which also gets some further editing.
  • More Bass Layering
    Two more sounds are created and added to the bass texture.
  • Finalizing the Lead Sound
    Final sound design is done during the drop section to really make the lead a more polished and complete sound texture.
  • Adding Vocals
    In this chapter, vocal samples are added to the arrangement.
  • The Fill Section
    This chapter looks at creating a fill section that can be used to create some tension and contrast between sections.
  • Sound Effects
    Sound effects are selected including noise sweeps, risers, reverse crashes and some EQ is applied to processing each.
  • More Vocal Parts
    Further addition of vocal samples to be used throughout arrangement, highlighting certain rhythmic moments in the track.
  • Additional Drum Sounds
    A selection of shaker and hi-hat loops are added along with some editing and EQ processing.
  • Synth Pluck and Pad
    A pluck sound is created for the intro using MIDI from drop and some synth pad chords added along with noise sweeps.
  • The Arrangement
    Now the arrangement really starts to take shape as the parts are further edited the song sections are better defined.
  • The Build Up
    The build up section is completed with new SFX, modulation and filter sweeps as well as parts from other sections of the track.
  • The Mastering Chain
    Overall final dynamics of the track are discussed in this chapter.
  • Final Mastering Tweaks
    Mike discusses the mastering chain and how the dial in the final sound.
  • Track Completion
    Last final touches on the mastering chain and an overall review of the track.