Mike Candys Deconstructs The Riddle Anthem (ReWork) TUTORIAL

Mike Candys Deconstructs The Riddle Anthem (ReWork) TUTORIAL 1

Mike Candys Deconstructs The Riddle Anthem (ReWork) TUTORIAL

Mike Candys has become one of the most important Electro House producers from Europe with international recognition and an ever growing fanbase all around the globe. He not only produces fantastic dance tracks but is also much wanted as a performer and successfully runs his own label Wombat Music.

Mike Candys, recently nominated for ‘best national dance album’ at the annual Swiss Music Awards and has completed productions or remixes for many other artists including Lil Jon feat. LMFAO, Example, Lucenzo & Pitbull, Inna & Flo Rida, Peter Heppner, Rosenstolz and DJ Antoine.

In this deconstruction, Mike dissects each element that went into making the track “”The Riddle Anthem” (ReWork) which was recently released on Kontor.

DAW used: Logic Pro
Total runtime: 1hr 19mins

  • Drums (part 1)
    Here Mike gives an overview of the project and breaks down the drum sections.
  • Drums (part 2)
    Mike further breaks down the drum secions and samples highlighting loops and various sections of the track.
  • Bass
    Mike breaks down several elements included in the bass group shows a unique trick for using a multi-band compressor on the bass track.
  • Synths
    Mike reviews the synths and melodic elements used throughout the track.
  • The Vocals
    Mike demonstrates his use of vocals samples, sources and how he layered and process all the vocal elements of the track.
  • Mastering Chain
    An overview of the plugins used on the master bus and how they were applied are reviewed.