Matthew Weiss Mixing Hip Hop TUTORIAL

Matthew Weiss Mixthru Hip Hop TUTORIAL

Matthew Weiss Mixthru Hip Hop TUTORIAL

Mixing Hip Hop by Matthew Weiss.

Take your rap vocal mixes and hip-hop beats to the next level.

Levels, compression, EQ and everything in between, mix engineer Matthew Weiss shows you how to get the best possible sound out of your mixes and productions.

You’ll learn how to:

Fix poorly recorded vocals

Can’t afford a professional acoustically-treated studio? Need to turn a closet vocal into ear candy? We’ll show you how to get the best results out of any situation.

Make a rap vocal sound larger than life

Do your vocals sound flat and buried? Learn to evaluate, balance and enhance with EQ, compression and time-based effects so your vocals sound great and cut through the mix.

Identify and enhance key frequencies

Not sure which frequencies to boost or cut? Learn how to clean up a vocal by eliminating buildup, removing noise, and identifying the most valuable harmonic content to enhance with equalization.

Compress for better tone and dynamics

Does compression, limiting and multiband dynamics confuse you? We’ll teach you how it all works and show you processing techniques particularly effective for mixing hip-hop.

Automate for more exciting mixes

Static mixes are boring. We’ll show you automation tricks you can use to bring life and excitement to the special moments hiding in your song.

Construct mind-bending ambiences

Learn how to use reverb, delay, chorus, distortion, exciters and various other effects to make your mixes sound larger than life.

Mixing Hip Hop Tutorial Breakdown (5+ hours)

Mixing Rap Vocals:

  1. Cleaning up a rap vocal
  2. Controlling tone and dynamics
  3. Cleaning and enhancing vocals with EQ
  4. Constructing ambience with reverb & delay
  5. Complete mix walkthrough start to finish
  6. Bonus: Vocal cleanup EQ exercise
  7. Bonus: Tips for producing better vocals

Mixing Hip-Hop Beats:

  1. Setting instrument levels
  2. Automation tips and tricks
  3. Mixing low end bass
  4. Mixing snare drums
  5. Mixing strings and horns
  6. Home mastering tips
  7. Mixing peripheral elements
  8. Bonus: Mixing 808s

Learn how to…

Mix great sounding rap vocals that cut through a mix
Make your beats hit harder and stand out
Use EQ to clean and enhance vocals and instruments
Use compression to manipulate shape, tone and dynamics
Create interesting ambience with reverb, delay and more
Use automation to add energy and emotion to a mix