MatiasMac.SD The Beginning Bundle WAV

MatiasMac.SD The Beginning Bundle WAV

MatiasMac.SD The Beginning Bundle WAV
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The Beginning Bundle

The Beginning “Bundle” includes my early releases from 2015.

You will get the following 7 libraries, more than 900 sounds!


137 computer glitches (WAV, 96kHz, 24 bit) created using a great variety of audio sources. These audio sources were processed in time, velocity and pitch to obtain the desired effect.


104 impacts (WAV, 96kHz, 24 bit). Are great for Sci-Fi productions, but you can use them in any kind of production. You can use them in movies, trailers, video games.


A Construction Kit with 78 elements (WAV, 96kHz, 24 bit) for create Sci-Fi atmospheres, Drones.
These sounds have a cinematic feeling and are great for any kind of SciFi production (games, trailers, movies).


80 sound textures (WAV, 96kHz, 24 bit): Wind chimes, guitar noises, scratches, resonances, etc to use as a support element to create the sound that you are looking for. Some of the sounds work on their own too (transitions, energies, glitches, etc).


A collection of 212 robotic sounds (WAV, 96kHz, 24 bit) for your Sci-Fi production. You will find: movements, transformations, servos, big and small footsteps and many more.


A collection of 118 sfx (WAV, 96kHz, 24 bit) for create tension and craziness in your horror production (games, trailers, movies).
You will find: Distorted impacts, atmospheres, whooshes, vinyl noises, radio noises, musical elements, distorted screams etc.
The sounds have an old and saturated feeling, allowing you to create the mental strain that you are looking for.


Infected Zone is a collection of more of 200 zombie style sound effects (in 92 WAV files, 96kHz, 24 bit).
You will find ambiences, drones, musical elements, cinematic impacts, zombie hordes, bites, bone breaks, zombies eating, intestine movements, blood drips, stabs, gunshots, machine guns, vocalizations and more.


Demo Preview: