Mario Luciano Lack Of Mercy WAV

Mario Luciano Lack Of Mercy WAV

Mario Luciano Lack Of Mercy WAV

Lack Of Mercy

With the release of each sample pack the quality continues to grow immensely and this pack is no different.

Accumulating more gear and having access to a lot more live musicians I was able to expand on the textures I so meticulously pay attention to.

This pack contains 16 original samples mixed and recorded thru heaps of analog tube gear and further evolving on my signature sound of warmth and sonic texture.

I tend to keep all my releases as diverse as possible giving you a collection of multi genre samples to pick thru.

Included files:

1.Hermes Level Bpm 145.wav
10.Marnice Apts Bpm 139.wav
11.Double Up Bpm 120.wav
12.Fake News Bpm 74.wav
13.Late For That Bpm 113.wav
14.Burrr Bpm 139.wav
15.Life & Times Bpm 138.wav
16.Made It Happen Bpm 59.wav
2.Price Went Up Bpm 151.wav
3.Untouchable Bpm 132.wav
4.Trouble All Around Bpm 75.wav
5.Darkest Hour Bpm 150.wav
6.Tell No Lies Bpm 148.wav
7.Phantom’s & Rarri’s Bpm 137 .wav
8.Amalfi Coast Bpm 142.wav
9.Li Shuwen’s Return Bpm 113.wav


Demo Preview: