Loopmasters Emotional Strings MULTIFORMAT

Loopmasters Emotional Strings MULTIFORMAT 1

Loopmasters Emotional Strings MULTIFORMAT

Loopmasters are proud to reveal Emotional Strings – a beautiful collection of string ensembles designed for creating rich powerful textures in your cinematic productions. Build bowed brilliance with this 100% royalty free selection!

This collection comes courtesy of James Perkins, Fiona Brice and Tony Woollard. Jim Perkins is a composer and producer of electronic and acoustic music. He is also founder and curator of the record label bigo and twigetti. Fiona Brice is a classically trained composer, arranger, violinist and songwriter. She has written for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, London Mozart Players and Royal Northern Sinfonia amongst many others, and has contributed orchestrations to over forty studio albums for a diverse collection of artists including Placebo, Ed Sheeran and Will Young. Tony Woollard has performed or recorded with hundreds of artists including Stevie Wonder, Coldplay and Sting. His string arrangement for Tynchy Stryder “Never Leave You” topped the UK charts.

Emotional Strings comes with over 1.25GB of content, you’ll find one-shots, loops, soft sampler patches, multi-sampled instruments and construction kits. Weave immaculate and striking string tapestries in record time, with violins, cellos, pizzicato strings, sub basses, glissando strings and more! Plus, you’ll discover the ingredients for eleven separate string arrangements inside, in a whole host of keys and tempos to ensure your tracks are never lacking quality strings.

Broadly pulsing between 60-140bpm, you’ll find these sounds are perfect for Ambient, Downtempo, Orchestral and other Chill genres, as well as being ideal for film scores and soundtracks. Melodic content is key-labelled for ease of use, guaranteeing you’ll lock down a vibe in no time.

In detail, expect to find 1.27 GB of content, with all Wavs recorded at 24Bit & 44.1KHZ. 180 loops are divided up as 57 Violin Loops, 25 Pizzicato String Loops, 17 Violin & Cello Loops, 14 Cello Loops, 11 Pizzicato Cello Loops, 10 Bass Cello Loops, 9 High Violin Loops, 7 Glissando String Loops, 7 Sub Bass Loops, 4 Drone String Loops, 4 Legato Violin Loops, 4 String Fx Loops, 4 Trill String Loops, 2 Violin & Cello Stems, 2 Wave String Loops, 1 Cello & String Loop and 1 Staccato String Loop. Also included are 13 Violin Tremolo Hits, 1 Violin Multi, 185 Rex2 Files and 14 Soft Sampler Patches (for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Sfz and EXS24).

Let Loopmasters Emotional Strings guide the mood in your compositions for seasons to come! Log in to download a free taster pack, check out the demos and begin your session.Qries

  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 57 Violin Loops
  • 25 Pizzicato String Loops
  • 17 Violin & Cello Loops
  • 14 Cello Loops
  • 11 Pizzicato Cello Loops
  • 10 Bass Cello Loops
  • 9 High Violin Loops
  • 7 Glissando String Loops
  • 7 Sub Bass Loops
  • 4 Drone String Loops
  • 4 Legato Violin Loops
  • 4 String Fx Loops
  • 4 Trill String Loops
  • 2 Violin & Cello Stems
  • 2 Wave String Loops
  • 1 Cello & String Loop
  • 1 Staccato String Loop
  • 13 Violin Tremolo Hits
  • 1 Violin Multi
  • 14 Soft Sampler Patches


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