Lo-Fi Beats – Organic Hip Hop WAV MIDI

Lo-Fi Beats – Organic Hip Hop WAV MIDI 1

Lo-Fi Beats – Organic Hip Hop WAV MIDI

We are proud to present Lo-Fi Beats, a library dedicated towards facilitating authentic sampling techniques within the digital age.

This catalogue provides a plethora of audio with a common Lo-Fi aesthetic throughout, expect dusty kicks, vinyl crackles, outdoor ambiences and much more.

In order to create a convincing Hip-Hop library we’ve approached this pack differently to what we usually offer, this time providing samples that are layered and stacked together, giving the user a feel as if the samples are being cut out of a record, reminiscent of the sampling techniques frequented in the early 90’s.

The selection of natural bass loops, delicate guitar loops, and thick multiple stack layers are itching to be re-sampled, chopped and changed at your leisure.

Firmly anchoring any great Lo-Fi Beat is of course the drums. This library is filled with 82 dusty individual drum hits, boasting all the characteristics of the typical drums found within the sonic aesthetic.

Additionally, for those who want quick inspiration when chopping together their projects, 15 drum loops with a variety of creative grooves between 90 and 150 bpm are provided, along with respective stem bounces, allowing simple interchangeability between the grooves on offer to create the perfect foundation for the track.

A common stylistic of Lo-Fi is the common use of ambience to create a convincing environment for the track to live and breathe in.

In addition to a wide variety of SFX such as vinyl crackles and warped delays, Lo-Fi Beats contains a selection of ambiences, perfect for sitting subtly in the background of the mix to really transport your song into a convincing environment.

Lo-Fi Beats pushes the boundaries of sample pack libraries in an age where music is getting cleaner and louder, containing audio that truly feels like it has been cut out of old vinyl records.

Whats in the pack?

  • 82 Dusty drum hits
  • 15 Precise drum loops (with stem bounce)
  • 14 Natural bass loops
  • 14 Lush keys loops (included MIDI files)
  • 10 Delicate guitar loops
  • 10 Thick stacked loops
  • 29 Crackly SFX
  • 10 Field recorded environments


Demo Preview: