Layering Drums Tutorial Course

Layering Drums Tutorial Course 1

Layering Drums Tutorial Course

In this course we are looking at layering techniques for drums and percussion. We are looking at kick drum layering to improve low end clarity.. We are also layering snares and create unique percussion that cut through the mix. On the last video of this course, we are transforming loops using samples and effects, giving them unique flavor and character.

Video 1 – Kick drum layering

The most important aspect of layering a kickdrum is making sure the low-end samples are tuned on the same key and minimizing bass sources layered to avoid phasing. In the course you will find creative ways to make your kickdrums sound fuller and unique.

Video 2 – Snare layering

In this course we are learning the technique to layer snares along with other percussion to give more body, and make the snares cut through any mix.

Video 3 – Percussion layering

Having unique percussive sounds to fill in any classic sounding drum set, is a great way to up your production value instantly. A great way to never run out of natural, full sounding percussive elements.

Video 4 – Loop layering

A great drum loop is an ideal song starter. In this tutorial we learn how to make the loop fit within any production set, by transforming the sound using percussive sounds and reverb, into a unique new loop.