Kuk Harrell – WHY DON’T WE “FOR YOU” Inside The Track 51 TUTORIAL

Kuk Harrell – WHY DON’T WE “FOR YOU” Inside The Track 51 TUTORIAL 1

Kuk Harrell – WHY DON’T WE “FOR YOU” Inside The Track 51 TUTORIAL

We’re thrilled to release our first ever series with the prestigious vocal producer, songwriter, arranger, and engineer Kuk Harrell! Hosted at Sphere Studios in Hollywood, this installment dives deep into the art and science of evoking, capturing, and embellishing a vocal performance. Referencing the multi-track vocal session of ‘For You’ by Why Don’t We, Harrell auditions the demo recording, gives his opinion, then shares how he tracked and produced the material. He takes you through the various parts of the intricate pop vocal, comprising five male leads, octave doubles, harmonies, and ad-libs. He comments on the project from both a musical and technical standpoint – melodies, structure, stacking, tuning, tracking chains, plug-ins, and much more. Aside from teaching the key elements of his workflow, Kuk imparts his wisdom on the social and psychological aspects of coaxing the best possible take out of an artist in the studio.


Demo commentary, sections, octaves, harmonies, ad libs, tracking plug-ins, headphone mixes


Microphone preference & technique, preamps, compression settings, recording environment


Stacking vocals, spatial image, music theory, workflow speed, tuning live & post


Communication, handling negative energy, punching in, playlists, comping, alignmentKuk Harrell – WHY DON’T WE “FOR YOU” Inside The Track #51 TUTORIAL

About Kuk Harrell

Thaddis Laphonia ‘Kuk’ Harrell is a Grammy-winning songwriter, vocal producer, arranger and engineer from Chicago, USA Throughout his twenties, he worked primarily as a commercial writer and producer.Qries