Kryptic Samples Retro Night Run WAV MIDI

Kryptic Samples Retro Night Run WAV MIDI

Kryptic Samples Retro Night Run WAV MIDI
Size 720 Mb

‘Retro Night Run’ marks Kryptic Samples’ first journey back to the 1980’s. Concentrated on the essential soundscapes and drum elements of the Synthwave and Retro genre, this sample collection will undoubtedly carry you away to the neon fantasy of the retro future.

This Synthwave & Retro sample library comes with five neon-coated Construction Kits, featuring a myriad of vintage electronic elements that represent the full spectrum of the genre. You’ll find lukewarm synth melodies, classic drum loops, synths bass loops, snares, hi-hats, rim-shots, sound FX, percs, and much more.

MIDI files are included so these samples are ready to be edited, resampled, chopped, sliced, stretched, pitched and orchestrated to your leaning.

‘Retro Night Run’ delivers high-quality 24-Bit WAV samples in both dry & wet versions. Perfect inspiration for a ride under the mild, late-night breeze of the 1980’s, with a simple drag & drop move in your DAW.

Retro Night Run contains:

• 5 Construction Kits
• 5 WAV Full Mixes Demos
• 5 MIDI Groups Included
• All Loops include Dry & Wet Versions
• 10 Drum Loops
• 12 Kick Loops
• 12 Snare Loops
• 2 Rim Shot Loops
• 12 Clap Loops
• 18 Hi-Hat Loops
• 4 Open-Hat Loops
• 16 Cymbal /Ride/Crash Loops
• 12 Perc Loops
• 18 Synth Bass Loops
• 68 Synth Loops
• 10 Sound FXs
• 48kHz/24-Bit Quality
• Tempo-Labelled


Demo Preview: