Keep It Sample BLUDY Vocals WAV

Keep It Sample BLUDY Vocals WAV 1

Keep It Sample BLUDY Vocals (Vocal Pack)

As you may have noticed, dear producers, the tracks at the top of the charts always feature a captivating, melodic and powerful vocal performance.

We’re sure you have already tried to contact singers for your productions, but it usually takes an awful lot of time and often the vocals that come back to you are not what you expected.

We know it, here at Keep It Sample we are producers too, and our goal is to solve these problems by providing ready-made vocals for your tracks!

“BLUDY Vocals” contains a wide range of vocal loops, phrases and shouts, in a variety of labeled bpms and keys for tracks of all genres including Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, EDM, Trap and Dubstep.

What’s inside?

▪ 49 Vocal loops
▪ 10 Phrases
▪ 10 Shouts
▪ 96 – 162 bpm

24 Bit Quality
All audio files are 100% Royalty-Free.Qries


Demo Preview: