Jungle Drummer London Wake Up Drums WAV

Jungle Drummer London Wake Up Drums WAV 1

Jungle Drummer London Wake Up Drums WAV

Loopmasters once again team up with the awesome Jungle Drummer – this time with London Wake Up Drums, an exclusive look into the drum parts from the forthcoming Extinction Point release – London Wake Up! Everything within is 100% royalty free as standard from Loopmasters.

The Jungle Drummer is a dominant figure on the club and festival circuit all over the world, with live performances and DJ shows encompassing a variety of styles and genres. He has performed with award-winning Drum and Bass act London Elektricity and has worked and performed with other artists such as Rodney P and Killa Kela, Coldcut, Radiohead producer Nigel Goldrich, Raw Hill Cru, DJ Fresh, Shy FX, A Guy Called Gerald, DJ FU, DJ Craze and The Scratch Perverts to name but a few.

His new musical project is Extinction Point, in which he produced and played the drums on the first EP London Wake Up. The result is a blend of Jazz improvisation with the sonic experimentation of the golden era of British Electronica set to a backdrop of solid Funk, Soul and Jungle breakbeat grooves. The themes of the music address the everyday struggles of life in 21st century society.

London Wake Up Drums is a package of only the finest new-school jazz and breakbeat drumming, with the Jungle Drummer showing off his expansive skillset over a range of playing styles and moods that will guarantee beatmakers a new lease of rhythmic inspiration. With live drum loops playing between 70-170bpm, and even some mind-bending 5/4 time signature loops thrown in for good measure, fans of hip-hop, jazz, funk, jungle, soul, trip-hop and downtempo will find plenty to work with inside.

In detail, expect to find 586 MB of content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 101 x 105bpm live drum loops, 86 x 140bpm live drum loops, 85 x 170bpm (in 5-4) live drum loops, 75 x 70bpm live drum loops, 67 x 170bpm live drum loops, 62 x 162bpm live drum loops, 52 x 81bpm live drum loops and 35 x 85bpm (in 5-4) live drum loops.


This pack contains:

  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 101 x 105bpm Live Drum Loops
  • 86 x 140bpm live Drum Loops
  • 85 x 170bpm (In 5-4) Live Drum Loops
  • 75 x 70bpm Live Drum Loops
  • 67 x 170bpm Live Drum loops
  • 62 x 162bpm Live Drum Loops
  • 52 x 81bpm Live Drum Loops
  • 35 x 85bpm (In 5-4) live Drum Loops


Demo Preview: