John Greenham Mastering Workshop 6 TUTORIAL

John Greenham Mastering Workshop 6 TUTORIAL 1

John Greenham Mastering Workshop 6 TUTORIAL

Step inside the private studio of elite mastering engineer John Greenham! In his debut MWTM series, Greenham takes you through the process of how he mastered Grammy award-winning records for Billie Eilish and songs by the artists K.Flay and Donna Missal. With the sessions open in Sequoia, John demonstrates his approach on four different tracks. You will learn how he set up the elements of his entire analog and digital signal chains to bring the expertly-mixed material to a new level. Greenham shows the impact of his work by referencing the received mixes and bypassing inserts throughout the process. You’ll hear the subtle effects of every separate piece of gear and plug-in he combined to enrich the audio with depth and energy. Aside from focussing on the program material, John elaborates on a number of topics pertinent to his field including monitors, clocking, room design, metering, and more!

Professional background, equipment, monitoring, loudness, converters, metering, dynamics

Mastering ‘Bad Guy’ & ‘Everything I Wanted’ by Billie Eilish

Mastering ‘Dating My Dad’ by K.Flay & ‘Sex Is Good (But Have You Tried)’ by Donna Missal