Issa Vibe: Afrobeat Moods Volume 1 WAV

Issa Vibe: Afrobeat Moods Volume 1 WAV 1

Issa Vibe: Afrobeat Moods WAV

‘Issa Vibe’ is a soulful fusion of modern RnB flavours and classic Afrobeat sauce that utilises real instruments alongside electronic synthesis. The funky rhythms and musical excellence are enough to get anyone dancing.

With the ever-growing popularity of African music, this pack isn’t only a load of high-quality samples for you to use in your productions, but it will give you the opportunity to understand how afrobeat music is made on a deeper level by piecing it together, sample by sample.

From upbeat/fun grooves to creepy/emotive chord progressions, this pack covers a wide array of afrobeat ideas and compositions. There is an eclectic mixture of sounds throughout the pack, all capable of inspiring your next project.

Start flicking through these samples and get inspired.


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