Irrupt Audio No Turning Back WAV

Irrupt Audio No Turning Back WAV 1

Irrupt Audio No Turning Back WAV

Standing in the booth, you’re watching the room from behind the DJ and astonished at the size of the venue. It’s an endless ocean of bodies, buried in a thick blanket of smoke and impossible to recognize beyond slight flashes of bright blinking lights, illuminating an otherwise pitch black concrete box. You’ve already lost your mind to the music, perfectly happy with the finished product – but seeing the DJ play your new track and how much it comes to life in a gigantic room at this perfect time of the party gives you goose bumps.

You’ve created techno music for stomping around, putting the crowd forever lost in the hypnotic mind trip and it sounds amazing. ‘No Turning Back’ is a sinister collection of audio ideas for your next teeth grinding masterpiece. It is music made for performances scheduled past the hour of common sense, the time when music takes a turn towards the evil, punishing and brain melting vibes. This is also known as the best part of the night for most advanced ravers – when inhibition has given up, the enhancements are working, and sweat is dripping from the ceiling. There’s no stopping the party and absolutely no turning back. Found inside the product is an absolute treasure chest of production tools – create the biggest booming beats, add some absolutely incredible hooks. You’ll find a gigantic assortment of percussive, melody and bass loops, and all the elements to get you started on your next vicious track.


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